The Indian Ceramics Triennale, initiated by the Contemporary Clay Foundation, aims to showcase and nurture the growing diversity of ceramic art expression in India and to bring the best practices in international contemporary ceramic arts to an Indian audience. Our vision is that the Indian Ceramics Triennale will come to be associated with forward thought and cutting edge art within the visual art field, broadening the scope and viewership of the ceramic medium.


· To encourage artists to create outside their usual practice, to experiment and go boldly in new directions, to break new ground.

· To create an open, inclusive platform that showcases experimental projects, gathered together on the basis of a country wide Open Call

· To engage in a more sustained way with the International ceramics community, creating cross-cultural dialogue with partners from different parts of the world and foregrounding the best practices in the field. The Triennale also will provide opportunities for international artists to engage with Indian culture in a more research based approach.

· To bring critical international focus on Indian ceramic art

· To engage with the public imagination and encourage wider discourse on clay art and clay in art. through exhibitions, symposia, workshops, film screenings, live performances and artist talks.


The Contemporary Clay Foundation is a not for-profit-organisation set up to promote ceramic arts practices and support practitioners through exhibitions, workshops, international and national exchanges and residencies. The aim of the organisation is to build informed audiences for ceramic art through lectures, workshops, and exhibitions as well as to raise the visibility of contemporary ceramics in India. The Indian Ceramics Triennale exemplifies the vision of the Foundation in pursuing creative excellence.